Why You Spam Me

This is not really a music-related article, but I wanted to talk a little about spam… mostly Instagram-Spam. I am serious about spreading the word about my music on multiple social platforms. One is Instagram and frankly, I’m getting a little sick of the comments that have nothing to do with the pictures and videos I’m posting. I figured that people think that, as long as they like and comment, I might follow them no matter what they write. They’ll have this awesomely, crazy amount of followers and… I don’t know… feel better about their life?

Being a musician, I mostly get other musicians following, commenting and liking my posts. I, in turn, might like one of theirs. And by the way, this strategy makes no sense. The fans you want are usually not other musicians. But, if I do like their posts¬†enough, I might follow them. BUT NOT IF I THINK YOU’RE SPAMMING ME AND EVERYONE ELSE! I don’t understand how people continue to think that automating their Instagram accounts is creating valuable fans? Think of this spammers, if you automate your account, who’s to say all the people liking, commenting and following your posts aren’t automating that as well?

So, my #1 comment is “Nice!”. Then there’s the emoticons. Next there’s “Good job!”. How is a picture of my lunch a good job?!! You are doing more bad than good for yourself. You look flat-out dumb. Especially if you are paying for this “service”. Did you guys know that there are also services that can track my followers? I can tell the people who follow me until I follow them and then unfollow me. Guess what guys? I will unfollow you back. If you don’t care, that’s ok, because all those empty followers you have will make your day brighter somehow… I guess… I don’t really know.

Here’s the last thing I have to say to you musicians who are only mediocre at best yet have 4.8K followers, when some talent scout that you think might look at your Instagram (for whatever reason) to see how many followers you have looks at your post engagement and sees that 4.8K followers on your profile equates to a few dozen comments like “Great pic!” and “Winky face”¬†trust me, they will know you’re taking shortcuts and will wonder if you take shortcuts anywhere else in your musical mission.

Go out and get real fans the right way. Those are the ones who will make you money and help your actual career if you finally ever get there.

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