Why I’m Giving Away Free Stuff

Most of you didn’t know that I was recording a seven song EP at the moment and I’m almost finished. In fact, I’m hoping to be finished by this week, just in time for the show this Friday at The Open Chord in Knoxville, TN (across from Books-A-Million). I’m opening for some good friends of mine The Peas Pickin’ Hearts. But that’s not all!!! (Scroll down dude!)



Just for reading, I’m giving away a track from the album called You’re All Mine, and if you help me by coming to the show this Friday (Oct. 17th, at 8:30pm – 8502 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN) and take some video of at least one song, I’ll give you the CD for free! So, post your pictures or videos to either Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag them #KattMusic and you’re in baby! Then email me and point me to the post(s) and I’ll handle the rest from there.

So here’s your free track, before it’s released, You’re All Mine.
(You may need to RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE FILE AS…)


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