A Well Rounded Artist

In my opinion a good artist is a well rounded artist. Good at many things, not just one. And excelling in at least one of their talents more than the others. It’s not about being good at only one thing. For example, I’ve seen other’s judge an artist on how well he or she plays their instrument. I don’t think it’s fair because some artists will simply not be as good or as fast as others when it comes to their hands. Some are born with a beautiful voice and the others can sing, which are two very different things. Some write great songs and some have great stage presence. An artist’s talent shouldn’t be judge solely on one of those criteria but all of them as a whole, and by how much people like them. So, you would think that if an artist sucks in all areas, they probably won’t go far, but history has taught us that that is not the case. I think we can all think of an artist or two that is no very good at all, yet they’re on the charts constantly and, for some reason, people love them. With that said, let’s not judge great artists simply because they’re not very good at their instrument. Nobody thought that Vincent Van Gogh’s painting were worth anything until after he died. If you’re an artist who nobody seems to ever find or like, i’s probably not be because you’re not good, it might simply be because no one knows how to find you… part of being well rounded may include the ability to market yourself effectively… so GET OUT THERE AND PLAY DUDE!


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