We Are the Champions

I was going to document my experience… I decided not too, but I did decide to say a few things about The Wild Wing Cafe Voice Off 2016.

It started February 21st, 2016 with the Blind Auditions and ended on May 22nd with the Finals. I made it all the way through and came in 2nd place. Given the fact that about 160 people tried out for the competition and I came out as the runner-up, despite having an upper respiratory infection that night and cracking on some of my big notes, I think I did pretty, darn well.

I am also happy that I stood beside two other vocalists who have amazing talent. There were a lot of really great vocalists in the competition, a couple who, in my opinion, should have made it to the finals but didn’t, and that was probably beacuse that they did not have enough supporters. So, to all of you who think that things like this are easy or don’t really matter or that your support isn’t needed, you’re wrong. You need to come out and support your friends and family who have a dream of bringing their music and talents to the world. Music is just as real and any other profession and we need to respect that.

I am happy with how it turned out. I can’t complain at all, even though as a human, I’d like to. You know how it is, we all want to be #1. But, I did meet so many great people, musicians and non-musicians, through this experience and made some professional connections as well, that may help get me and my music career to the next level. Coming out of this, I want to thank The Wild Wing Cafe for the opportunity, new friend, great musician and owner of The Groove House Recording Studio, Steve Rutledge who was a sponsor and of course every one of my friends and family who came out to The Wild Wing Cafe to support me on multiple nights and for many hours at a time. I would not have gotten here if not for you.

See you on NBC soon 😉

~Charlie Katt

the voice off winners

Photo courtesy of The Wild Wing Cafe, Knoxville. From left to right, DJ Stan Duh Man (DJ for the event), Chelsea Stepp (3rd place winner), Cameron Dickerson (1st place winner), Charlie Katt (Me – 2nd place winner), Steve Rutledge (Sponsor, owner at Steel String Studios)

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  1. Bob Mader
    May 30, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    It was a fantastic experience and an honor to share the stage with you on several of the rounds

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