The Wild Wing Voice Off 2016 | Blind Auditions

(Video Courtesy of Tammie Dischner)

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I entered the 2016 Wild Wing Cafe, Knoxville, Voice Off 2016. The song was One More Try by George Michael and this is a journal of this experience.

Sunday, February 21st, 2016 – Blind Auditions
After practicing my song for around the twentieth time, I decided to stop so I wouldn’t wreck my voice for the competition. When I need my voice to be in tip-top shape, I usually drink hot tea with honey. I had no tea, so I drank hot water and ate spoonfuls of honey. Sounds weird, but it works. About 6pm, I’m driving to Wild Wing Cafe alone, nervous as hell. I don’t enter many competitions because I’m beat myself up when I don’t win. I know I shouldn’t take these things too seriously. “It’s about networking”, I always tell myself. And, from what I’ve learned, yes, it is. But to have a win like this under my belt would be really beneficial to my press kit.

I get to Wild Wing Cafe about 6:20 pm and met a couple of friends there, which is really good for me since I’m way more shy than I’d like to be. Friends help me to feel a little more comfortable. I refused to eat or drink anything besides water until after I sang. I don’t want to screw up my song with a big burp or hiccup. So I signed in and got my number, number 13, which seemed like forever to arrive. By the time I got up there to sing it was about 8:15.

I played my song about 1.4 times too fast, which didn’t seem to matter somehow, but I wish I played it just as I did those 12 million times I practiced the week before. I felt like I tried too hard and almost cracked at one point and went sharp at another point. I think I’d give myself a 90% for my performance, based on a perfect score, so, not that bad. I knew who I was going to choose to be my coach before I arrived. Larry Blair. Part of the Larry Blair Experience band here in Knoxville, TN. I saw him perform on the internet and like I said on stage, he blew me away. That’s why I knew he’d be the perfect person to guide me to the finish line if that is suppose to happen.

Larry was the last to turn around. Almost at the end of the song. I felt like it was a challenge for me, which I kind of liked. I don’t expect things to come easy. I’ve been singing for over 25 years, honing my style and my skill. Singing has not come easy to me, but I always loved it and always tried my hardest to sing the way I wanted. When I was done, I picked Larry. All the judges had such good things to say. Such encouraging things, which I needed. I fall into these ruts sometimes, thinking I’m not good enough. This really helped me to not think that way that night.

After I auditioned, alcohol and chips helped me calm down. My nerves were all over the place that night. I needed have some fun now. My friend Ricky is on the same team as me, so I hope we have some more fun trying to win this thing together over the next couple of months. Can’t wait until round 2.

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