What’s On My New CD You Ask?

In these past couple of weeks I have been cramming all the recording I can into my nights so that I can get my brand, spanking new EP titled “Long Time to Be Nowhere” done in time for this Friday’s concert. Well, it looks like it will not be ready in time. BUT… it will be ready in time for next week’s concert, October 24th at The Vienna Coffeehouse in Maryville, TN at 7pm. With that all said, I thought I’d let you know what songs I chose to be on the EP. Here they are in order:

  1. The Pluto Song (Me and Clyde)
  2. Another Home
  3. You Remind Me
  4. Two Hundred Miles
  5. Long Time to Be Nowhere
  6. You’re All Mine

Most have you may have heard rough cuts of these. I’m really excited about this EP because I’ve spent many days recording them to make them as perfect and awesome as I can get them! So, I hope you guys love it! When it’s done I will have it available on my site and iTunes soon. Thanx for reading!


PS. You can also check out rough cuts of these and my other songs here.


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