How I Recorded My CD for only $900

This is just a little information post about how much money I spent recording my latest CD

EP-Album-Cover-002-smallWho says you have to spend thousands to record your CD? I will admit, it’s not the best quality that it could be, but for around $900 for 6 songs… not too bad. This post will be short and sweet, just describing what cost what in my home studio.

• Cubase SX3: $500
• Many plugins downloaded from the internet: Free
• My laptop, refurbished: $300
• Condensor mic: $50
• Headphones: $50
• Recording and mastering lessons, Youtube: Free
• Many, MANY hours recording, re-recording and mastering: Priceless
• Instrument lessons, self-taught: Free
• (I would include the prices of my instruments but you never actually include that in your recording price anyway.)

These things were also purchased over the course of many years so, in a way, it almost didn’t cost me that much at all. Plus, I own all these tools now so my next album will be recorded for free! Interested in hearing the album before purchasing it? Head on over to my YouTube page and listen. Then head on over to iTunes and download it!

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