A Glimmer of Hope (Lyrics)

This is a rough recoding of a brand new song of mine that was inspired by this commercial.

A Glimmer of Hope (F)
© April 30, 2014 Charlie Katt • www.charliekatt.com

Verse 1
He steps out the door and he closes the gate
He’s off to his job and he seldom is late
Never misses a meal, never misses a date
Now, he’s headed on home at five twenty-eight

He feeds an old dog and he helps an old man
Sees a penniless girl doing best that she can
So he goes in his pocket pulls out in his hand
A couple of coins with an old rubber band

And the little girl cries, and the little girl cries

When the rains pour down and the floods rise high
Far above all wealth, and above all pride
At the end of the day we can say we’ve tried
To put glimmer of hope in the lost one’s eyes

Verse 2
Comes back around every chance, every day
Throws a quarter or two in the little girl’s tray
He may not get back what he gives away
But, he can’t help but color what’s otherwise gray

And, the little girl smiles, and the little girl smiles


Verse 3
He helps the old man, and he feeds the old dog
As he raises his head sees the little girl’s gone
Tears fill his eyes as he looks towards the Sun
And, he can’t help but think “What more could I’ve done?”

Just then he heard little footsteps arrive
Wiped the tears from his face and he lowered his eyes
She used the money he gave her to buy school supplies
Fix a bird’s broken wings and watch how she flies

And the little girl flies, and the little girl flies



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