We Are the Champions

I was going to document my experience… I decided not too, but I did decide to say a few things about The Wild Wing Cafe Voice Off 2016. It started February 21st, 2016 with the Blind Auditions and ended on May 22nd with the Finals. I made it all the way through and came in 2nd place. Given the fact… Read more →

Winner of The Wild Wing Voice Off…

…is not me, but I did come in second place which is not too bad for someone who had been sick at the worst possible time this year. I can only imagine if I didn’t crack a few times, if things may have tilted slightly in my favor. I will document more of the experience in a future post, but… Read more →

The Wild Wing Voice Off 2016 | Blind Auditions

(Video Courtesy of Tammie Dischner) If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I entered the 2016 Wild Wing Cafe, Knoxville, Voice Off 2016. The song was One More Try by George Michael and this is a journal of this experience. Sunday, February 21st, 2016 – Blind Auditions After practicing my song for around the twentieth time, I decided to stop… Read more →

Go Ahead, Use Me

If you would like to use one or more of my songs on your YouTube video, please let me know by emailing me here. I would love to spread my tunes in any way possible. For use on YouTube, this is absolutely free. Email me with the song title you want and I can direct you to where you can… Read more →

Concert at The Vienna Coffeehouse January 22nd, 2016

Please join me for my first concert since 2015. I will be performing many new, original songs as well as some of your favorite cover songs. The atmosphere is quaint and relaxing and the coffee they serve is always the best. I would love to see the faces that I love, it’s not the same without you guys! You can… Read more →

5 Songwriting Tips I’ve Learned from Logo Design

When I was twenty-five, I went to school for Graphic Design. One thing I learned there was the basics of Logo Design. I have, of course, moved on to embrace the musical side of art and began to write, record and perform songs. But a lot of what I learned about logo design can be applied to songwriting. The following… Read more →

How I Recorded My CD for only $900

This is just a little information post about how much money I spent recording my latest CD Who says you have to spend thousands to record your CD? I will admit, it’s not the best quality that it could be, but for around $900 for 6 songs… not too bad. This post will be short and sweet, just describing what cost… Read more →

So, Where’s The New Video?

Just a little explanation of why I haven’t posted any new videos in the past couple of weeks. Well, basically, there’s a lot of personal stuff going on at home and home is definitely more important than entertainment right now. It won’t be long though, maybe another week or two and I promise to be back on track. Just stick… Read more →

Why You Spam Me

This is not really a music-related article, but I wanted to talk a little about spam… mostly Instagram-Spam. I am serious about spreading the word about my music on multiple social platforms. One is Instagram and frankly, I’m getting a little sick of the comments that have nothing to do with the pictures and videos I’m posting. I figured that… Read more →

I Wanna Dance With Somebody. My Cover.

Sometimes you do a cover song for fun or because you love it. I did this one because I thought it was a great idea to do a fast, pop song as a slow, acoustic love song. But, after I did it, it felt more like a tribute to a great artist that we lost a few years ago. I… Read more →