Hi, I'm Charlie Katt, a Knoxville Musician!

Grand Prize Winner at the 2014 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival Competition in Gatlinburg, TN for Best Song.


Why You Spam Me

This is not really a music-related article, but I wanted to talk a little about spam… mostly Instagram-Spam. I am serious about spreading the word about my music on multiple social platforms. One is Instagram and frankly, I’m getting a little sick of the comments that have nothing to do with the pictures and videos I’m posting. I figured that… Read more →


Concert at The Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville, TN

I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to be a part of The Dogwood Arts Festival 2015, here in Knoxville, Tennessee. I will be performing at the Union Avenue Stage (precise location to come) at 2-3pm Sunday, April 19th, 2015. But make sure you drop by and check out all the other attractions and festivities that are… Read more →


I Wanna Dance With Somebody. My Cover.

Sometimes you do a cover song for fun or because you love it. I did this one because I thought it was a great idea to do a fast, pop song as a slow, acoustic love song. But, after I did it, it felt more like a tribute to a great artist that we lost a few years ago. I… Read more →


I Did it Subconsciously

I usually don’t make New Years resolutions, and I still didn’t this year…consciously. But I did decided to step up my online presence, and I did it around the New Year. So, in a way, it IS my New Years resolution! Most of you have noticed that I’ve been uploading more videos to my YouTube channel… cover songs, original songs and… Read more →


90 Second Stories

90 Second Stories is a new series I’m putting together for 2015. They are simply a collection of 90 second videos telling the stories behind the songs that I write. Bookmark http://charliekatt.com/stories to return when there are more. To be notified, just sign up below, or Subscribe to My YouTube Channel to see more. Read more →


Sneak Peek…

I’ve been working and, in some cases, rushing to get this CD done. I thought I would reveal what my final album cover design is. I will try to have it on iTunes as soon as I can, but for right now (at least, when it’s released) you’ll be able to purchase the physical CD from my web site. So,… Read more →

album idea (Coarse Rounded Font)

What’s On My New CD You Ask?

In these past couple of weeks I have been cramming all the recording I can into my nights so that I can get my brand, spanking new EP titled “Long Time to Be Nowhere” done in time for this Friday’s concert. Well, it looks like it will not be ready in time. BUT… it will be ready in time for next week’s… Read more →


Why I’m Giving Away Free Stuff

Most of you didn’t know that I was recording a seven song EP at the moment and I’m almost finished. In fact, I’m hoping to be finished by this week, just in time for the show this Friday at The Open Chord in Knoxville, TN (across from Books-A-Million). I’m opening for some good friends of mine The Peas Pickin’ Hearts.… Read more →